Today on Independence Day, some Americans can’t celebrate, it brings up too much pain.

Of slavery, racism, lands lost, and people murdered. In the name of a nation, that I was raised to love.

People still want to come here, even though they know the journey is hard to be accepted as American. No oath can make some people’s heart accept those who have an accent, and come from other lands and native tongues.

These people forget, their ancestors once came from other lands.

When I hear of these Americans, and the horrors that were done, I wondered if I…

Yes I just admitted failure. It just wasn’t working out. No matter how hard I tried, the business was not making money.

Yet it was not just that reason. Though that’s the main reason. It was that I was hiding my true passion with a side passion. Something I liked, even loved but it didn’t light me up like my true passion does.

So I’ll follow that passion where it leads. Maybe all the way to Washington DC.

I cannot say I am not disappointed. I am. That’s okay. It is okay to feel this way. …

I am working on finding purpose in the journey. I am learning about how life has so many twists, and turns, and that sometimes you need to adapt even if you don’t want to adapt.

Finding my purpose on this journey has not been easy. I bet there are still adjustments to this purpose I’ll have to make, but I’m using my gift for words to help make a difference.

Words lead to ideas which lead to actions, which leads to things. Sometimes those things are tangible products, other times they just contribute to the worlds body of knowledge.

This purpose hasn’t been easy to find, but I believe that’s the point. It’s meant to be hard, because it caused refinement of the idea and the path.

How are you finding purpose in the journey today?

All I have are words, written on the page, racing through my mind.

All I have are words, of frustration.

Ideas waiting for action, and acknowledgement.

Just words.

Just words?

All things began as words.

A bunch of letters on a page, and then one day it grew. It took off like a wildfire, and inspired people’s hearts.

But, will mine? I’m probably thinking to hard, agonizing over words.

All I have are words.

He raised me to know that everyone is equal.

He raised me to know that God will help me at all times.

He raised me with his strong arms, and a soft heart.

He was there for every milestone except for the birth of my second child.

My grandpa, was a Proud retired Air force Sergeant, an engineer, a man of faith, a man who taught we must persevere through our trials.

Especially when he lost his eyesight.

He taught me to be proud of my maternal Puerto Rican heritage and taught me to dance the Salsa on his feet…

My idea on ending qualified immunity is to put some limits on the lawsuits that can happen, and who can be sued.

1) Only the officers and their direct supervisor involved in the incident can be sued under a Malpractice and Wrongful death claims. So no one has to bring the whole city and the whole department into it.

2) Require officers, just like Doctors carry liability insurance. Create strong incentives for the insurance to pay out.

3) create some tort limitations, that it must be limited to the incident, and brought within 5 years of the incident. …

I sit here, slightly pivoting again. Taking another step toward my goals of having a successful business.

I chose the business model I did because I’m naturally drawn to words. Also because I had given up on practicality of my dreams a while ago. Then it hit me, my dreams are perfectly practical.

People have been publishing their words and works for centuries, from the cavemen’s art to stone tablets, to Egypt’s and China’s ancient parchment, and the printing presses.

Words are part of our history and present and future.

Instead of seeing the issues that come up in getting…

They tell me it’ll be okay. That everything will work out for my good.

And it has, and then it hasn’t. Not everything is good.

But it will be okay, someday, but I do not know what someday I am working towards today.

This is a short poem, just to show that you are not alone when you’re sad and confused. That you can hope and still not be okay. It’s fine to experience two emotions at once.

Thank you for reading.

Sarah C. Brockman

Why is a woman’s view seen as less then by many men and women? Why? How does this even help any one to view one half of the human race as less then in any single way?

Even those men who have been respectful of me, even women who are close to me often just ignore my ideas. If my husband shared the same idea, they usually listen, and it’s incredibly stunning and annoying.

I don’t take kindly to that either. I will tell them “wait no, you don’t get credit for that, I said that first.”

Yes I can…

The world has been jaded by the men and women who just want power for powers sake.

Has ambition for those roles become a dirty word?

Do not mistake my ambition for a lack of charity or goodness, you do not know my heart.

The cynicism is part of a cycle of distrust, that is ruining our American dreams, and it’s far more then just the economy.

We all want to succeed, but not all of us care to have a million dollar dream home, but we’d at least like a place to call our home.

We’d like to be…

Sarah C. Brockman

Founder of Civic Ink, a Political publication here on Medium. I consider myself a modern day Philosopher. Love politics, and spending time with my family.

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